Have Awning Windows Installed at Your Louisville-Area Home

Awning windows are hinged horizontally across the top of the window. A simple handle opens the window outward using scissor arm operation (folding supports that cross in an “X”). Because awning windows open outward, they can provide protection from the rain while they are open. This type of window is ideal for spaces where width is greater than height, or for combining with other window styles for additional light or ventilation. They can also be placed high up on walls (commonly in basements or bathrooms) for privacy.

Our Selection of Awning Windows

Awning Windows LouisvilleLouisville KY-based Windows Plus is Kentuckiana’s preferred source for awning windows. Our collection includes replacement windows from trusted names.

  • Vinyl
  • Composite
  • Wood-clad
  • Fiberglass

Our wide selection ensures that we have replacement windows to suit anyone’s preferences and budget requirements. No matter which of our awning windows you choose, you can rest assured that they have been specifically chosen by our team for having lasting durability, exceptional energy efficiency, and a beautiful interior and exterior appearance.


All of our awning windows are customizable, so you can ensure that they look just how you’ve envisioned. For instance, you can choose your windows’ glass type (including decorative grids), interior and exterior finish or color, and hardware. You can even opt for internal blinds (blinds between the glass panes).

Our Window Installation Team

At Windows Plus, awning window installation is handled by our own expert team. All of our installers specialize in window installation – they don’t handle installations of other products, like siding and gutters. Specializing in a single product creates master craftsmen who have far more experience than general contractors who try to do it all. Our window installers are all factory trained and licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

If you would like to hear more about our selection of awning windows or are interested in replacing the windows on your home, contact Windows Plus today. We are happy to serve homeowners in Louisville and throughout Kentuckiana.

“Really like my new windows,changed my view of my Little world. Everyone was super nice, friendly and cheerful even though it rained on them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”


*New orders only. Subject to credit approval.

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Horizontally Hinged
For an Outward Swing

Awning windows are horizontally hinged and open with a crank-style handle. They can be combined with other window styles for added light and ventilation, or used alone for privacy or to fit small spaces.

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Two Moving Sashes
For Better Ventilation

Double hung windows provide a classic look but with more ventilation options than single hung windows, as both sashes can be slid vertically to open. Slide the top half down, the bottom half up, or slide both open!

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Expansive Views
With Horizontal Sliding Sashes

Sliding window sashes glide horizontally on tracks above and below the window. They’re easy to use while offering wide views of the outdoors.

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Easy to Operate
For Abundant Ventilation & Natural Light

Casement windows open by turning a convenient crank-style handle. They can be fully opened, unlike some other window styles, allowing for full-length ventilation and an abundance of natural light.

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A Small Window
With a Big Impact

Like awning windows, hoppers are hinged horizontally, but across the bottom. Rather than opening outward, they swing in. Hoppers are great in small spaces or for pairing with other window styles for extra light and airflow.

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An Unobstructed View
With Maximized Glass Surface

Picture windows are non-operational. They have slim frames to create a beautifully clear view of the outdoors. They are often paired with adjacent, operational windows on either side.

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Your Personal Greenhouse
For Growing Herbs or Displaying Flowers

Garden windows protrude from the home, creating the perfect place for displaying potted plants, growing herbs, or hanging sun-catching ornaments. They are commonly installed behind the kitchen sink, making it easy to keep those plants watered.

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Connect Windows
To Form Unique Nooks

Bay windows comprise three or more adjacent windows of various styles. These windows connect at angles, creating a panoramic view. Custom window seats are often made to accompany bay windows, making them ideal for reading nooks.

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Windows that Curve
To Create Architecturally Distinct Spaces

Bow windows comprise three or more adjacent windows of various styles. While bay windows connect at angles, bow windows form a round, half circle. They’re great for creating built-in kitchen banquettes, cozy sitting areas, and more.

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Custom Creations
For Unique Architecture & Creative Minds

Ideal for distinctive homes with unique architecture or small rooms where standard windows simply won’t do, specialty windows come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit specific needs and artistic visions.

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“Meticulous installation, superior product, very courteous employees! Even the cleanup was excellent - other than having these beautiful windows, we couldn't even tell they had been here. Well done, Windows Plus, Louisville, KY”

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