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Of all the benefits that new replacement windows can provide, improved energy efficiency is the most important for many homeowners. With the right insulating features, new windows can help minimize heat transfer, relieving the workload of your HVAC system as it heats or cools your home and potentially lowering your monthly energy bills. At Windows Plus, we know that this is a benefit that our numerous customers throughout the metro Louisville, Kentucky, area long for. That’s why we install EnergyWall® vinyl windows – some of the most energy-efficient options on the market.

EnergyWall windows are available in the following three lines:

Series 3000

Available in glider and double hung styles, the Energy 3000 line includes secure and airtight seals, heavy-duty locks, and decorative glass designs. Additionally, an optional green foam adds an extra layer of insulation to increase thermal performance.


The EnergyTech+ series is also available in glider and double hung styles and features lite options, fusion-welded frames and sashes, and strong corners for durability. These vinyl windows can include advanced fiberglass-reinforced inserts for better structural support and insulation. And, with double or triple panes of Low-E glass, separated by argon gas fills, these windows all but eliminate heat loss and gain.


The EnergyWeld line contains the same great energy-efficient features as EnergyTech+ vinyl windows, but are also available in casement, awning, bay, and bow styles, each of which have their own unique elements. For instance, bay and bow windows come with an attractive wood recess with low-voltage lights on the interior that will create a comfy space for your family to enjoy.

No matter which line of EnergyWall vinyl windows you choose, all come with a flexible, stainless steel spacer to increase thermal performance. Other features you can find on Energy Wall windows include a limit lock that locks the window into a partially open position and triple weather stripping to prevent air infiltration.

Windows Plus is the exclusive dealer for Energy Wall vinyl windows in Louisville and throughout Kentuckiana. For questions about the individual product lines and which will work best for your home, contact us today!