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Louisville Siding Company

​Our 5-star reputation for house siding in Louisville KY was earned and is maintained because of our commitment to our client’s financial wellbeing. It’s no surprise that we’re consistently trusted with a home owner’s biggest investment “their home”. Because it’s always on the outside of the house the siding on a home is critical to making it last. That’s where we come in. Our house siding even has a warranty against fading!

Easy to Care for Vinyl Siding

Beyond an annual washing down our vinyl house siding is 100% maintenance-free. It comes in 24 standard color selections so that it can work with your current windowsdoors, and landscaping. We also have various patterns for you to choose from. Want board and batten? We have you covered. 6 or 7-inch Dutch Lap? We have that too. Or maybe you prefer the standard 4-inch siding. It doesn’t matter. Windows Plus of Louisville has you covered for all of your vinyl siding needs.

Energy Efficient House Siding

Our siding is the most energy-efficient on the market. Its insulated backing gives it an R-Value of 4. That’s more than standard wood that only has an R-value of 1. And it’s even more energy-efficient than brick siding, which has an R-value of less than 1. It also deadens sound by reducing noise penetration by up to 45%. So not only is it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It’s also the quietest siding on the market. Loud neighbors? Maybe it’s time to quiet them down a bit.

Our Siding Installers

Our team of siding installers are the best in the entire Louisville KY, and Southern IN area. And our installations aren’t complete till we have your seal of approval on the work. Give us a call today for a price on replacing your house siding today.

  • Wind Tunnel Tested at 130 MPH.
  • Insulated with R-Value of 4.
  • Stands up to 240% more impact pressure than Fiber Cement siding.
  • Stands up to 300% more impact pressure than standard Vinyl Siding with a backer board.
  • Deadens sound penetration by up to 45%.
  • Never needs painting.
  • Comes in 24 different colors and styles.

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