If you enjoy the look of a countryside home, you may want to achieve a rustic look to your property's bathroom. A rustic bathroom can help create an inviting space for you and your guests.

When designing a rustic bathroom, there are a few key features that you should focus on. This article will help you with your rustic Kentucky bathroom remodel. 

Add Natural Materials

One of the primary features of a rustic bathroom is the use of natural materials for the construction. Installing wood paneling and natural stone features will help create a rustic appearance.

All-wood surfaces create a unique look found in many traditional home styles. However, you will need to ensure the wood is properly treated for wet bathroom environments. 

Utilize Brass Bathroom Fixtures

Create a vintage countryside appearance for your bathroom by investing in brass or bronze bathroom fixtures. A brass faucet will transform the overall style of your bathroom.

While brass fits well with numerous styles of sinks, a wooden surface is a great choice. If you prefer a modern look, a black fixture can also complement a rustic bathroom. 

Install Minimalistic Bathroom Shelving

Bathroom shelves help to improve the functionality of the space. However, modern bathroom shelving often doesn't suit a rustic bathroom style.

If you want to maintain a rustic appearance, you can choose wooden cabinets or black metal shelving. These shelving options will act as an accent for your rustic bathroom. 

Select Natural Tones for Paint Color

Rustic spaces utilize natural tones and materials to create a countryside appearance. When choosing a paint color for your bathroom, it's best to stick to natural tones for the space.

Some of the most popular color options for a rustic bathroom are:

  • White
  • Tan
  • Gray

These options will help to complement the features displayed in the bathroom space. With a lighter colored wall color, you can complement the space with dark wood accents. 

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