Full Bathroom Remodeling Makeovers for Elizabethtown KY Homeowners

Elizabethtown KY Bathroom Remodeling

Elizabethtown residents trust us with our 5 star rated bathroom remodeling services, and we take a lot of pride in that trust. Earning the trust of a community for services performed in the home is the pinnacle of success for a local business like Windows Plus. And we’ve maintained that trust now for going on a full decade and are excited to be trusted by and growing with the E-town community.

Our bath remodeling services get such high ratings from our Elizabethtown clients due to a combination of factors. Number one on that list is our installers. Our guys are all local residents and have been with us for quite sometime. Each and everyone of our in house service people have clean backgrounds with no negative items in their histories. It’s crucial that our customers trust us while we’re in their homes, so part of our hiring process covers drug and criminal history testing. In addition to our stellar in house installers there are the products we use.

Our products while not always the most expensive are always the best. We don’t mind spending a little extra either. What we don’t want is to have an inferior product giving one of our trusting client issues down the road. So we always do our due diligence and select the products that we would use in our own homes. But if there ever is a problem, our customers are covered by our lifetime warranty. Simply put, we want you to be satisfied years into the future and to contact us again to take advantage of one of our other in home services. Trust is earned and we appreciate the chance to earn yours.

Options for Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

Not all of our clients contact us about the same thing. Some have a want while others have a need. Either way we can handle almost any project your looking at doing. Below are some of the most popular projects we do. But we’re not limited to what you see here. If you don’t see your project listed we encourage you to call us and speak to one of our project specialists. We are known for doing customized work and doing it very well.

  1. Bathtub Replacement: Like all things in life, bathtubs wear out too. Sometimes though we’re just doing an overall color change in the bathroom and want to get away from a standard white tub to something more subdued like a cream color. Give us a call and we can have a product specialist visit you with color samples and styles. The choice is yours! Our bathtubs are warrantied not to chip, crack, or peel.
  2. Shower Replacement: Does your old shower system leak? Maybe it was originally done in tile and you’re just sick of the mold and mildew associated with the old grout lines. Either way the reason isn’t that big of a deal. What is a big deal is getting it just right during the make over process. Our product specialist will visit with you at your home and go over all of the available options for upgrading to a new shower. Wall patterns? Colors? Grab Bars? Doors? There are a lot of things to consider and we look forward to going over them with you. Call today for a free in home estimate.
  3. Bathtub to Shower Conversions: One of the most inquired about projects we do is removing an old tub or tub shower combo, and installing a new walk in shower system with grab handles and bench/seat. America has an aging population and when mobility is a factor it can make something as simple as bathing seem like a monumental task. It doesn’t have to be that way. Contact us for a no obligation free in home consultation. We’ll send one of our product specialists to your home that will review your current bathing setup. Afterwards they’ll present you with all of the options necessary to make it easier in get into and out of your bathing area. Maybe it will be a walk in shower with a seat and grab bars. Maybe you would like a walk in tub with massage jets. Either way we will design a system that’s mobility friendly, and looks great that’s affordable.
  4. Tub to Shower Conversions: Don’t want that bathtub anymore? No problem. We can take it out and replace it with a stand up shower with a new pattern and color design that you will love. Call us and schedule today!
  5. Walk In Tubs: Just like our walk in showers, walk in tubs are becoming more popular as our population ages. If somebody in the home is becoming mobility challenged and experiencing difficulties getting into and out of the bathing area call us! We can come out and design a system that will get them their independence back as much as possible. Estimates are free so call today!

All of Our Systems Are Manufactured to be Mold and Mildew Resistant

All of our bathroom remodeling projects are done with materials that have mold and mildew resistance incorporated into them including the sealants and caulks we use. Having a healthy home is having a happy home. Even in modern well ventilated homes it’s crucial that the products used during the building or bathroom remodeling process’s be done with mold and mildew resistant products. This includes the caulking, wood, drywall, fixtures and anything else incorporated into the project. To say that we’re fanatical about it would be an understatement. Simply put it’s one of the most important things that we pay attention to.

Getting a Bathroom Remodeling Estimate is Easy For Elizabethtown KY Residents

To learn more about the bathroom remodeling services including costs, just fill out our onsite form or give us a call at the number here on our website. We will set an appointment to come out and look at your project and get you accurate pricing that will be good for 6 months. Our product specialist will bring plenty of color, style, and pattern choices for you to review.

Bathroom Remodeling

And don’t forget, we are a full service bathroom remodeling company that serves all of the greater Louisville KY and Southern Indiana areas including Elizabethtown KY. We are bonded and insured, and provide free estimates for all of our services. Call us today!

“My husband and I are pleased with the quality of our products and how quickly the job was completed. Todd said that they could do it in a day and they did. We will use them again when we do our downstairs bathroom.”


*New orders only. Subject to credit approval.

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“We had both of our bathrooms done by Windows Plus. Guys are amazing in the home in the way that they took super care not to damage our floors or anything while they did the baths. They actually tarped from the door where they came in all the way to the bathrooms they were working in. Wore the blue booties and everything. The wife loved it!”

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