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Small Bathroom Remodel Louisville KY

Having a small bathroom remodeling project calls for a different kind of creativity. Our team of product specialists “The Pink Team” are well versed when doing a lot with just a little. Up until the 70’s most homes were limited to one small bathroom. Back then they knew that color and style selections could make a small bathroom project end up looking and feeling larger. For instance, keeping the bathroom well lit and done in light colors are the two main factors when achieving a larger look to any room. Keeping the main colors light doesn’t mean you can’t choose some colors. We pride ourselves on having over 20 colors and patterns to choose from.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Options

Beyond colors and patterns, we have a lot of small bathroom remodeling options available. Does your current bathroom have a bathtub? Why not replace it with a small walk-in shower? Or you could go the all-purpose route and do a bathtub shower combo unit. All of our bath systems are done in beautiful long-lasting acrylic. During the manufacturing process the materials used are formulated to resist the growth of molds and mildews. This makes cleaning them a cinch.

Adding accessories to your bathing area can also make a small bathroom more enjoyable by providing a degree of comfort. Sometimes something as simple as a grab bar to assist in getting into or out of the bathing area can be a big deal. Having towel bars and soap dishes can keep a small bathroom more organized and this also makes it seem bigger.

Small Bath Remodeling Quotes

To learn more about the small bathroom remodeling services we have available to homeowners in Louisville KY and throughout the Kentuckiana area, just fill out our onsite form or give us a call at the number here on our website. We will set an appointment to come out and look at your project. They’ll measure everything up then go over colors, styles, and accessories to make the Bathroom of your dreams.

Bathroom Remodeling

And don’t forget, we are a full service bathroom remodeling company that serves all of Louisville KY, and Southern Indiana. We are bonded and insured, and provide free estimates on all of our services. Call us today!

“My husband and I are pleased with the quality of our products and how quickly the job was completed. Todd said that they could do it in a day and they did. We will use them again when we do our downstairs bathroom.”


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Our bathtubs are manufactured to be mold and mildew resistant. This provides a surface that easy to clean and much healthier than materials used in other types of manufacturing. They also resist peeling, chipping, fading!

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Our walk in showers are great when we have a family member that has issues with getting in and out of a conventional tub/shower combo that are in most homes. Regain their independence and quality of life with a walk in shower today.

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The most common bathing system in the world is our bathtub shower combos. They can cater to any taste when it comes to personal preference. They're a shower or a bath. Call us today to see how we can help you upgrade today!

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As America ages we get more and more request for installing tub to shower combo's. When our quality of life is effected due to bathing restrictions it only makes sense to do something about it. Converting a tub that's hard to access into an easy to enter shower just makes sense.

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As America ages we get more and more request for installing our walk in tubs. When our quality of life is effected due to bathing restrictions it only makes sense to do something about it. Having a walk in tub installed just makes sense.

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“We had both of our bathrooms done by Windows Plus. Guys are amazing in the home in the way that they took super care not to damage our floors or anything while they did the baths. They actually tarped from the door where they came in all the way to the bathrooms they were working in. Wore the blue booties and everything. The wife loved it!”

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